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Company : Himalayan Family House Location : Cairns, Australia Tel : +60 0401022799 E-mail : Website:

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Company : Himalayan Family House Location : Cairns  , Australia Tel : +61 0401022799 E-mail : Website :

Our Projects

Himalayan Family House Operates and Co-ordinates various Non government Projects based on PPP model, therefore all our projects are run

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Events For Economical Enrichment All Festivals and Events where we involve in, carries out and attempts to meet the individual’s

Our Communities

“आधी रोक्नु पर्छ काडा फुल्नू पर्छ; हजार हात मिलेपछी पहाड झुक्नु पर्छ्​॥” Home stay,  guest house &/or rest house, Hotels

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Our Involvements

Himalayan Family House works together with various organizations throughout Asia in different industries from travel agents to government organizations, from

Our Company

Himalayan Family house is here to help you, हिमालयन परिवार प्रतिष्ठान नै किन? bring your dreams closer to you. Adventure