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“आधी रोक्नु पर्छ काडा फुल्नू पर्छ;

हजार हात मिलेपछी पहाड झुक्नु पर्छ्​॥”

Home stay,  guest house &/or rest house, Hotels & Motels, Family Farms, Recreational Services, Dharma Saala Mandir & Debaalaya, Hospitality services

Himalayan Family House recognize every community is our community and every one are member of our Family, therefore We Participate with every community directly or indirectly. Each and Every community influences other one by developing best practices sweated accordingly where they are based on, Therefor we are different on another. With modernization specially on medealization lot of changes are happening specially toward the traditional practices and youth individualization is happening faster than anything els, bringing much more problems to the community, state or nation whether it is in the west or in the east, they are self harming or harming the other, stressing them-self or hiding from the rest of the world this needs to be addressed.

It doesn’t mean there is no problems with old ones either, there is new disease comes every second day, individuals die without noticed, family are long forgotten and community doesn’t exist any more or there is another crowd where almost 60% people are single parents in the west and is fast approaching in the East as well so what can we do for this ever growing problems??

Himalayan Family House working/co-operating with various organizations to work with these issues to address some solutions, that’s why we like to cooperate with each and everyone who like to influence in their community by investing their time, skills, knowledge or funds.

Home stay>>

Small family run remote accommodations with limited services for those who are prepared for remote experience, like challenge and happy to share the lifetime experiences.

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