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Experience the life with locals, understand their Locality, and be a local is our motto. We bring you there where you be treated as a member of the family which you will never met with multinational operations. We stay where locally grown food are cooked, locally operated family stay(kind of home stay) and contributions are made for local community by employing locals, training locals, buying local products and other social contributions are made for their villages, schools, Hospital/health posts, post office, library, Visitor information centers, public facility and community events etc.

All of our Partners on the operations are committed/must committed to be part of this Change making in tourism Industry which contribute sustainable tourism and learning experience for each of the travelers. Growing locally, selling locally, and doing locally will contribute for healthy environment too. Himalayan Family House is concentrates on philosophy of healthy family, healthier community and healthiest nation, to have this each of us must be committed for organic production, sustainable living, environmentally friendly developments, traditional practices, and communal engagements for local prosperity. We do not participate with such operations who doesn’t contribute 100% locally.

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