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Who are Himalayan Yogies

Who are Himalayan “Yogies”? Many people ask me this question over the past years, specially since “Swami/Baba Ramdev” started to challenge multinational company through their “Patanjali” product, his well explained yoga practices across social media covering major T.V. programs right across “India” and “World” and when “Narendra Damodardash Modi” became prim minister of “India” in 2014. So who are these people who claims yogi themselves? what is their religious background? what is their life lookalike? when they started these practices? what are the practices? where do they do this practices? why they do it? etc there are hundreds of question comes across the field of yogi. Are they really mysterious people? practicing mysterious lifestyle? here I am Trying to express my own experiences which I have encountered over the years during my journey across Indian continent from “Vietnam” to all the way up to  “Kashmir”, “Kanyakumari” to “Tibet” and in between, Visiting various temple, ruins, ethnic villages, cultural practices, art exhibitions, agriculture practices, festivals, secret practices, modernizations & modern interruptions on all of the practices  and all the stories that passed through those land.


Himalayan Yetis

First of all we all know the story of “Yati”, don’t we? even we don’t we have heard something about it, specially traveler and thrill seekers are always interested about such story. here I am trying to share our story, the mystic myth of Himalayan people, their believes, experience from the explorer and those who spend their entire life inside Himalaya seeking the solutions of human kind, trying to find God, solving their quest and building relationship with God, are all tel the tells of “yeti”. so what is “yeti”?


Walking through the Forest fed rivers

Forest fed rivers are most vulnerable rivers when it comes to address issues such as deforestation, Chemicalized farming practices and explosion of other chemical practice along side-river. If these rivers are run through the valley where commercial farming practices are, in the slop from where all the chemical wash-down happens each time rain falls, than river life is gone, vegetation changes its course and holding of rain water decrease, which over years will eventually cause river to disappear. (more…)