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Walking through the Forest fed rivers

Forest fed rivers are most vulnerable rivers when it comes to address issues such as deforestation, Chemicalized farming practices and explosion of other chemical practice along side-river. If these rivers are run through the valley where commercial farming practices are, in the slop from where all the chemical wash-down happens each time rain falls, than river life is gone, vegetation changes its course and holding of rain water decrease, which over years will eventually cause river to disappear.

Rainforest rivers
walking through the forest fed rivers in Rainforest

Currently we are exploring various rivers across rain forest and trying to understand their appearance, the culture which grown and lived alongside these rivers, water life, life around these water ways and the natural impact that occurs around these rivers. We also working together with locals to harness these recourses to maximise benefit without causing damage to these recourses. we believe harnessing natural recourses with respect and maximise quality of life experience is vital and it is doable.

Many Australian rivers are forest fed rivers and because of colonization and commodity driven economy which heavily relayed on deforestation transporting all wood to build Britain’s empire during early years. Later on they cleaned up all the forest that was viable to carry enough water for the cattle industry and some grain harvesting activities, now most of the rivers are dead just like this picture.

When more and more tree are removed river got shorter and shorter, and some places they are completely vanished. We have evidence of many rivers which are no longer exist just because of over usage, diversion and deforestation.

In Australia some of the area where huge cattle station are run, mega wheat farms, camel forest or got farms are usually causing devastating damage to the plants and forest contributing for the creation of desert. I have been travelling around Australia meeting Aboriginal elders and listening their stories, searching historical records and updating written records of Morden Australians where they try to put dust on eye of general public to pretend they are doing the best on the earth.

When I was wandering through out western Australian wheat belt and southern tip of cattle productions, I sucked what they were doing in regards of mass production, market monopolization and indigenous heritage destruction. Mega mining is not the main problem in regards of land care, water resource management or cultural destructions, it is the other practices that exist within those area such as miss management of natural resource, miss treat in indigenous lives, greediness of the multinational operations and drug sellers and government policies which puts people in such condition that they becomes victims of all the destructive operations, loosing their very basic need such as Water, food, shelter and clothing.

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