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Himalayan Yetis

First of all we all know the story of “Yati”, don’t we? even we don’t we have heard something about it, specially traveler and thrill seekers are always interested about such story. here I am trying to share our story, the mystic myth of Himalayan people, their believes, experience from the explorer and those who spend their entire life inside Himalaya seeking the solutions of human kind, trying to find God, solving their quest and building relationship with God, are all tel the tells of “yeti”. so what is “yeti”?

“Yeti” word is comes from Sanskrit language representing the creature that lives in snow, and lives their foot prints on the snow field but no one exactly saw what it’s look like, it’s bit like myth. According the “Swami Rama” of “Living with Himalayan Masters” writes in his book: Such creatures like “yeti” are not there, ‘but there is something unique in the Himalaya that exist even today, and some one who is lucky enough can experience such events’

Langtang Nepal

Now I like to share with you a bit about my experience which I gain during my 10 years in Himalayas exploring from “Asam” Eastern India, right through Nepal; “Garwal” Himalaya to west, Part of “Jammu” and some parts of “Tibet” mostly walking through out. Sometime I walk with “Yogies” Who Travel across “Himalaya” seeking their quest,  some time I walk with “Maoist” (Communist revolutionaries of Nepal) who were seeking to end the hardship off poors from the hills and bring golden ears of dreamed society/communal economic social structure, sometime I walk with “Tourists” as “Trekking Guide” for serving various seekers from right around the world who were most of the time thrill seekers, some time adventure seekers and some were explorers, yet everybody’s aim was to somehow satisfy their inner quest, meet their Dreams, find Happiness or just lose weight, and see the Himalayan Beauty.

During my years in the “Himalaya” I walk most of the trails in the area and meet many extraordinary people, who were around. Some i meet who hadn’t sit or lie-down for last 40 years, some hadn’t talked for last 50 years- not a single word, some never spent second night at same place, some never eat any grain or cooked food, some could stop for breathing for an hour, some could create anything in their hand, list goes on and on….But interestingly everyone were seeking something extra. no one were fully satisfy.

How about “yeti” and who are Himalayan “Yogies”? what you think about them? “Swami Rama” said that yeti are the Himalayan “yogies” who are above the 5 elements, who can transform themselves into anything they like. So now we must understand who can became yogi? A “Sanyasi” who masters the yogic practices and devotes his life toward the society, as savior and re-preventative of god, who obey the God’s orders and never practice anything against god wills are “yogies”; they can control the natural cycle, if this was required in terms of universal cycle. Each of the yogic practices are interconnected with entire universe, not just the earth. Earth is a small part of the cycle.

So did I saw A “yeti” ? yes I have.

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