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Who are Himalayan Yogies

Who are Himalayan “Yogies”? Many people ask me this question over the past years, specially since “Swami/Baba Ramdev” started to challenge multinational company through their “Patanjali” product, his well explained yoga practices across social media covering major T.V. programs right across “India” and “World” and when “Narendra Damodardash Modi” became prim minister of “India” in 2014. So who are these people who claims yogi themselves? what is their religious background? what is their life lookalike? when they started these practices? what are the practices? where do they do this practices? why they do it? etc there are hundreds of question comes across the field of yogi. Are they really mysterious people? practicing mysterious lifestyle? here I am Trying to express my own experiences which I have encountered over the years during my journey across Indian continent from “Vietnam” to all the way up to  “Kashmir”, “Kanyakumari” to “Tibet” and in between, Visiting various temple, ruins, ethnic villages, cultural practices, art exhibitions, agriculture practices, festivals, secret practices, modernizations & modern interruptions on all of the practices  and all the stories that passed through those land.

Grown up in the Himalayan foothills, where my closest neighbour hood were about 10 minute a way, we lived very isolated area which was mostly bush land, surrounded by some cliff and small creek, where during monsoon season flood rush through damaging it’s banks vegetation so during winter we used to wander through these waterways looking for water hols to enjoy our childhood. One thing from my mind never went a way was my mum and her mum’s stories about these strange sounds before someone dies in the village, according to them the sound use to comes from this river/waterways; so I always wander who it will be? can I see this creature? is it a real thing? if so can we see him/it? does this still exist/ happens?

Second question tingles my mind is about “Yeti” After I finish my school, and killed some years wandering what to do in my life I wander through Northern “India”. I started my journey serving a huge festival call Dasera/Dashahara Darsan mela which usually happens during April (Ram Nawami) in “Purnagiri” hills which is just on the banks of Mahakaali river near “Tanakpura” where I met some of these holy man and women so called yogi and yogini. Their story about the Himalaya, God, miracle, “Jadu & Tuna” magic’s and other Himalayan beings including “Yeti” I also met these incredible peoples from right through “India” who were so devoted to the “Goddess” and “God” that I haven’t experience anywhere else.

So what really exist in the world? what is capable of human body? what can we acquire if we practice is something I still haven’t witnessed yet. now we go back to stories. First such knowledgeable book I found was living with Himalayan Masters of swami Rama who was one of the extraordinary human kind, who participated some research projects in America. Among them  Voluntary control over involuntary States was something no body expected could happen.

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