Our Divisions

“रुख हुनलाइ हेर चाईन्छ हागा र पात​, सफल्ताको सिखर चुम्न मिलाउ हजारौ हात”

  1. Far Eastern Division:- Team Kumbhakarna
  2. 3rd Eastern Division:- Team Sagarmatha
  3. 2nd Eastern Division:- Team Gaurisankar
  4. 1st Eastern Division:- Team Karnali heritage
  5. Central Division:- Team Dhaulagiri
  6. 1st western division:- Team NilGir
  7. 2nd Western Division:- Team  Api
  8. 3rd western Division:- Team Ganesh Himal
  9. Western Division:- Team Saipal

Our sub Divisions

  1. Events
  2. Tourism
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Agriculture
  5. Environment and sustainability
  6. Culture , History and Tradition
  7. Health & Sports
  8. Resource management
  9. Research and Development