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Events for Economical Enrichment

All Festivals and Events where we involve in, carries out to meet the individual’s beliefs, cooperates social Practices and respectfully preserve cultural heritage  which is very important part of a person’s, community’s and National  Identity which can reflect to their Spiritual or moral principles and Ideas toward their future********

 In all Events & festivals, we are committed for maintaining cultural practices with diverse participation respecting  individual’s beliefs and experiences which is important part of a persons, communities and national Identity. Diverse cultural experiences will/can impact on personal & interpersonal behaviour, perceptions and the social expectations of the events participants effecting Spirituel, Cultural or moral principles and ideas.
In a socially inclusive society people needed to feel valued and valuable regardless of their diverse characteristics. With Himalayan Family House; differences are respected and people can experience their expectations of a multicultural National Identity in events where interaction with various ethnicity, range of food, colour of fashion, varieties of musical and entertainments and traditional sports activities are managed in a way that carries out their Recognition, Value and Identities.
Himalayan Family house Organize co-ordinates and manages various Events for Economic development and community engagement to develop healthier social structure and community Engagements. We  involve in these operations to provide assistance with professional skills, public relationship development, product development, manage volunteers and market local product for the open mass. We together with interested stalk holders and participants can contribute something valuable for our community

toward challenging future is yet to come. Locally Himalayan Family House engages with various organizations, “government and non government” for support local community to develop their living standards by generating local employment, Skills development, student engagement, visitors, individuals, Volunteers and  local producers with opportunity  for better economic performance by developing Events and Projects Hand in hand without distracting communal practices, modifying social structure, loosing local knowledge & skills, harming individuals and walking a way from cultural beliefs. Events were social activity where everyone go to have good time and new experience, meet new people and may exchange their skills/products and it was never harmed community, so we develop all our events based on tradition with modern approach, where commercial activities such as multinationals or mega companies are not prioritized, instead local producers, craftsmanship, talents, local cultural food and drinks, traditional clothing and cultural activities are practiced.

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