Himalayan Golden Guitar Award

कार्यक्रम को मुख्य नारा:-

“हिमालय को सुसेलिसङ्ग हाम्रो रहयो प्रित, साथि संगी सबै मिलि गाउ हाम्रै गित

Diwali/Dipawali is one of the most celebrated festival in Hindu civilization to memorize the value of  every being on the universe. This festival starts    with the prayer of plants,  bird/crow, Dog, Cow, Ox and ends with  brother/ sister celebration. During the festival there are many act and puja as well as singing and dancing. in some places singing and dancing is done with various clubs, schools, and community groups to collect donation for further development; and  just for fun as well.

Himalayan Golden Guitar Award is main act of this festival where various Community groups and club as well as schools participate, compete and celebrate during this festive season.
Events Activity:-                          मुख्य कार्यक्रमहरु:-                                               हिमालयन संगीत प्रतियोगिता
Yoga with youth                      युबासंगा योगा                                                                                विधाहरु:-
seeking sinning star               चम्किलो तारा को खोजि                                                          बाध्य बादन एकल
Damaruma Deusi                   डमरुमा देउसी                                                                       सामुहिक बाध्यबादन,
Dancing with Stars                 कलाकारसंग नाच्दा                                                                एकल गायन
Cooking contest                      पकाउ आफ्नु खाना                                                                 सामुहिक गायन
Aarati (Light show)                आरति तथा प्रकाश प्रदर्सनी

कार्यक्रम को उदेस्य, लक्ष र क्रियाकलापहरु देहाय बमोजिम हुने छन :-