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Himalayan Trance Tandava Dance

कार्यक्रमको मुख्य नारा:-

“संस्क्रितिसंगै नाच्न सके मान मनितो, प्रक्रितिसंगै बाच्न सके साना पनि हो”

Himalayan Trance Tandava Dance is held during The Maha Siva Ratri which is celebrated as Siva’s birth day  on(..date..) at Locations . We are celebrating this festival in Hindu culture since the beginning of our civilization. Siva was the first Goad to be prayed by human and he is the supreme who represent the destruction of   everything in the universe and creation is impossible without destruction other ways you imagine what will happen in 10 year time if nothing is  return back to earth. Where will you put your foot??
Tandava Dance was performed….??

Events Activity:-

Himalayan Festival
  • Make my Music
  • Damaru ma Dance
  • Sivaji ko Sangat (Tandava Dance competition)
  • Dhuni ma Dhyan
  • Pakau Parsadi
  • Parbatiko Pradarsani

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