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Our Projects

Himalayan Family House Designs, Operates and Co-ordinates various Non government Projects based on PPP (public private partnership) model, therefore all our projects are run locally by local people, Local communities, schools, clubs and local organizations. We support these projects by helping them with various means; providing professional support, Economically, Volunteering opportunity, product development, value adding and market opportunities. Our aims for these projects are to develop social structure strong locally with competitive advancement of modernization where traditions are kept without modification and harming them. Cultural beliefs and Communal traditions are practiced according to the land where that society developed their culture so we work together with local community to modernizeĀ  these practices to bring these community forefront of modern world without loosing the tradition, Harming the environment, distracting sustainability and modifying the community.

Madhya Pahadi Look Marga Project
Madhya Pahadi Lookmarga first stage key projects are starting in 2018 and aiming to be completed by 2022. by Early 2022 second stage projects will begin which will be completed by early 2024 to be ready to celebrate Visit Himalaya “year 2025”.


Long run programs

Himalayan Family House long run programs are design and organised in regional level which is subject to serve more than 10 village’s participation and project life is more than five year at a time. In some case these project results will not be visible in less than 5 years.

Short Programs

Himalayan Family House attempts to design organise and deliver these programs for local community where in need across Madhya Pahadi Lookmarga. This programs are also run as pilot projects to assist local community for economical benefits where local disadvantaged community and individuals alike can benefit from their own skills and products. They also can Transfer their skills to new generation and learn new skills from diverse public knowledge which they gain from public involvements through our short term projects; i.e. events participation, workshops, tour for trade, volunteeringĀ  etc.


Our Friends

Our Sponsors

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