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2020 Tourism prospective Report

Promotional tour in to Sinja Valley Karnali 2020

Key findings:-

1, Nepal Tourism Board was/is not, be able to provide sufficient and relevant information about the destinations, current situations, available services, required process and road & transportation informations.

2, All local Government body (accept some eastern part of Nepal) do not have Tourist Information services neither they have sufficient information board(ex- road directory, village name, branch road destination, locality etc) nor anyone know about locality, direction, timing, distance etc.

3, There is no any regulations on pricing, business standard, service & Product quality, working conditions, road conditions and population restrictions, nor any regulatory body was found for monitor.

4, Where there were tourist Information centre which include “Nepal Tourism Board Bhrikutimandap” do not have friendly staff with relative knowledge on tourists inquiry, relative information/ booklets, maps, and other tour & Travel related informations.

5, There was great investment/expenditure for mass advertising without any preparation for destinations services.

6, Cost factor; was very high for the services they provide, poor sanitation & hygiene, really bad room hygiene(specially western Tarai mega cities) unprofessionalism on hospitality sector.

7, very poor road conditions and roadways workers were very lazy(most of the time we found them either drinking Raksi or sleeping on road side)

8, As of cultural changes(other religions “mainly Christian missionaries” attack on local beliefs and traditions) and political instability created unsecure feelings on locals there fore , image of “well known hospitable people of Nepal” is not in place or very little exist.

9, Locality was destroyed in most part of Nepal by “imported theory of globalization and free trade” generating materialised mind set supported by corrupted local politicians who were swimming in Alcohol and determined to destroy local culture, traditions, beliefs and their practices.

10, Productivity was next to zero; Most part of Nepal we travel through, accept local shop owners and small vachle drivers, no one seems to have/had interests in doing anything .

How can we deliver services that can compete the world, meet the World Standers? so our National Tourism Industry expect to rise for creating prosperous Nation and Productive Nepali.