Tourism,  Events and Infrastructure services

Himalayan Family House is an establishment of operations to pursue our mission ie. Establishment of permanent communal integrity with decentralized morality for non violent prosperity.

Himalayan Family House is working with mission of making effective services for Community, tourism and Events adopted by the local government, communities & cultures and support poverty alleviation by generating the flow of foreign and national revenue in general public.

Himalayan Family House will further enhance tourism and events development efforts by the private sector in partnership with local communities to achieve our missions we have purposed fallowing..

Objectives for the community and individuals alike

  • To develop physical infrastructure and events by preparing a master plan of areas significant from the stand point of pilgrims, culture and tourism.
  • To build and maintain physical infrastructure and events necessary for internal and external tourists search for specific experiences.
  • To build physical infrastructure of the tourism and events sector by identifying sources for income generation.
  • To develop programs in line with the approach of sustainable development. 5. To support poverty alleviation by stabilizing a system of managing infrastructure & activity at a local level.