“नेपालीको उत्पादन नेपालीकै उपयोग, नेपालको सम्बृद्धिमा हाम्रो सहयोग”

कृषी, सन्स्कार र सन्स्कृती को अनुपम सँगम्, यत्रा, अध्य्यन र अवसर को बेजोड प्रस्तुती:                                                                                                                 नवदुर्गा रथयात्रा ले मेची काली भेट्छ, सबै नेपालीलाई जोड्छ,  गरीबीको दुस्चक्रलाई यसैले तोड्छ

The National Event of Nepal;

Biggest Festival of Hindu civilization and one of the most celebrated events in Nepal and around. This festival is celebrated in every home, community and region throughout Nepal. #नवदुर्गा_रथयात्रा_नेपाल /

#nawadurga_ratha_yatra_2024  will celebrate all 9 goddesses in 9 days according to Hindu’s beliefs and local practices. This event will be held across Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga (1767 KM long) Nepal during Nawa Ratra (03rd  Oct 2024 to 12th  Oct 2024). During this festival, Each day there will be yoga and Bhajana in the morning, followed by Durga Pooja which takes place of RathaYatra 195 KM per day, and other Activities (details as below) throughout the day ending with Dinner with Star and Bhajana Amrit Mala.

Therefore we Himalayan Family House engage in this festival for facilitating communal activity, cultural preservation, awareness on traditional practices and community development with sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

Events Venue Centers: –

As Acharya Arjun Paudel Explains:  Nawa durga Ratha Yatra will be as following location thought “Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga Nepal” with representative cultural practices on each day :-

  1. 6 km east on Myanglung (Kanchanjungha Replica Village Centre) सैलपुत्री (लिम्बु),
  2. 41 km East of Dicktel (Makalu Replica Village Centre) २ ब्रम्हचारिणी (राइ),
  3. 10 km west of Khurkot (Sagarmatha Replica Village Centre) चन्द्रघण्टा (तामाङ् ),
  4. 11 km east of Mungling toward ktm (Gaurisankar Replica Village Centre) कुस्माण्डा (नेवार)
  5. 5km west from Baglung (Annapurna Replica Village Centre) स्कन्द माता (गुरुङ),
  6. 10 km east of Rukomkot (Dhaulairi Replica Village Centre) कात्यायानी (मगर),
  7. Dailekh aspash (Api Replica Village Centre) ७ कालरात्री (थारु)
  8. 41 km east of Silgudi (Saipal Replica Village Centre) माहागौरी (खस),
  9. Near by Satabaajh (Lohtse Replica Village Centre) शिद्धधात्री (गड्वाल)

Local community has agreed to co-operate and collaborate on all the operations.

{ Each day we will start our Ratha Yatra at 7 am and aim to finish the day by 4pm, therefore each town and villages will follow according to travel time as they follow in their local area. we couldn’t predict the time frame at this hour because of road and bridge conditions after the monsoon. we like to promise that as soon as monsoon finishes and road condition surveys ends we update timeframe as close as possible to accomplish.}
Events Activitiesकार्यक्रमहरु:-
Yoga Camp and Durga Kathaरथ यात्रा
Nawa Durga Ratha Yatraदुर्गाको दर्सन (बनाउ मेरी दुर्गा)
Ping ko Prapanchaपिङ्ग को प्रपन्च
Cycle ko cercusसाइकलको सर्कश
Agricultural showपाकेको बालि
Farmers Marketसुसेलीको सम्झना
Durga ko Duniya (Local Dressing show)दुर्गाको दुनिया
Durga Aaratiदुर्गा भजन
Dinner with Starsदेखिन्छु कि दुर्गा जस्तै( पहिरन प्रतियोगिता)
Bhakti Bhajan Amrit Malaदुर्गा भजन प्रतियोगिता

Business Identification & approach (Involvements)

At Nawa Durga Ratha Yatra mahotsav (festival) we are committed to maintain its locality, local community preferences, and local business participation therefore we will only take business onboard which are local, locally owned and operated and who are committed for local community development in Education, social activity, local product development and environmentally sustainable operations.

Any interested party Connect @ #Project_connect_water_east_west_Nepal

  • Local community engagement plan
  • Local Educational institute (School, CTEVT, etc)
  • Kisaan Samuha
  • Local sahakaari sangathan
  • Local sporting clu
  • Any other committee or
  • Community consult and agreements

Acharya Arjun Paudel explains :- Each Nepali who loves their culture, who has their pride on their nation and passion and their duty (farming, schooling, policing, national security, health, banking etc. whatever it might be. All the massage must carry national pride, cultural heritage, citizens identity alongside with Natural Visions representing massage of “what we do, how we do and where we do” (ex- add for Durga puja mahotsab “beginning add might say something like- I am preparing my farm for organic crop which will be shared with my family when they all come to celebrate Dasain festival, image might appear with people carrying their compost, ploughing their farm, looking seeds, with landscape image of Nepal. Middle add will carry the massage about the monsoon, showing the crop progress, people planting the crop or looking after (Godmel) with local songs, later add will carry message like farming outcome and harvesting preparation, why all family should gather together and what is getting ready for share and what is getting ready for Nawadurga Ratha Yatra Farmers competition etc. final add will be thanking for every one by press conference.

  • Volunteers recruitment
  • Human resource Management
  • Event resource management
  • Sponsors engagement planning
  • Venue setup Plan (construction)
  • Main Stage
  • Stall holders
  • Markets
  • Competition stage
  • Food and drinks stalls
  • Workshops
  • Children corner
  • Ping and other activity hub

Note– All venue infrastructure material must be locally resourced and locally managed. Bamboo is our priority and these are reusable therefore our focus must not change.

  • Sound, lighting, decorations
  • Event operation plan (day to day)
  • Public and media Communication plan
  • Bump in and out management plan
  • Rap up plan
  • After Event communication plan
  • Venue Handover Plan

For more information keep in touch @Himalayan Family House A Sociocultural revolution

Feature event of “Himalayan Family House A Sociocultural Revolution” हिमालयन परिवार प्रतिष्ठान  प्रा. ली. नेपाल”, which is Orchestred   by “Acharya Arjun Paudel” under the guidance of  “हिमालयन परिवार प्रतिष्ठान  नेपाल”

  • Event Theme : Nawadurga Ratha yatra, A Platform where Nepali will showcase their heritage, social and cultural importance with nature
  • Location Information : Madhya Pahaadi Lookmarg {Travels 1780 KM Across Nepal (starts in Fareast Nepal and finishes at Farwest Nepal) चिया भन्ज्याङ्ग् देखी झुलाघाट सम्म}
  • Event Name : नवदुर्गा रथ यात्रा
  • Event Date : Anuel Event (बार्षीक कार्यक्रम :-) falls on Each Dasain (03 Oct. 2024 | 22nd Sept. 2025 | 11th Oct, 2026 | 30th Sept. 2027...
  • Sponsers : https://www.adbl.gov.np/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility/
  • Supported by : https://www.mahindra.com/cultural-outreach