~ १३ #राष्ट्रिय_बहस :- योजना समायोजन #project_Connect_Water_East_West_Nepal
Water meeds:-
¤ Drinking & sanitation
¤ Irrigations & industrialisation
¤ Energy and Transportation
According to major national projects on making 🕵‍♂️👨‍🔧
#Mahendra_highway & eastwest rail
What is not included in all project map is
water use👆
If we integrated this projects with ** Grai himalayan trail with drinking water supply chain and sanitation plans Nepal will be one of the best places in the earth for living. #Micro_Climatic_Condition
🌄🌄 Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga with Irrigations and industrialisation 🙏
Because many rivers flow around the year there for industrial comfort is unavoidable.
Can address multidisciplinary, multidimensional and multi-purpose need for Nepali citizens and their neighbours and facilitate over 350 million people. Accommodate millions of hectares Agricultural land and comforts most vulnerable environmental problems in the coming century. It can be developed in three layers as of today’s national governance💪🏃🎺
damming the water> local government, road > provincial government and Rail and Bridges > National government..
Financing can be diversified into 5 layers
ॐ स्थानीय स्रोत र साधन ^ urbanisation
ॐ अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय लगानी ^ BRICS bank Rail
ॐ राष्ट्रिय लगानी ^ Connecting Roads and Irrigation canals first fage.
ॐ राष्ट्रिय लगानीकर्ता ^ Industrial area
ब्यापारीक लगानीकर्ता ^destination development
ॐ सामाजिक लगानीकर्ता ^property developers🤝💪👨‍🔧🏃🎺🏹
Conditions are applied in line with: – citizen first model》NRNA Second》National Bank 》Neighbouring countries 》BRICS 》