Himalayan Family House

Rural Agriculture plays A vital role in Poverty reduction, food security, and economic development.

As: Acharya. Arjun Paudel of Himalayan Family House explains:> what are the differentiation between urban agriculture and rural agriculture, benefits( Natural, Cultural, Ecological, environmental and circular economy for sustainable development).

Probability, problems and reliable approach for the appropriate solutions are to be discussed as we process for the project, or may you be running into the middle. If you are just planning for the rural agriculture: than firstly think/plan/ seek the answer for fallowing questionnaires.


  • How can agricultural productivity be enhanced in rural areas?
  • What are the main challenges faced by small-scale farmers in rural areas?
  • How does agricultural productivity growth impact employment in rural areas?
  • What policies are effective in reducing poverty in rural areas?
  • how do drought and disaster support programs benefit rural communities?